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E safety should not give personal information to people online because you don't know them.This includes not to tell the stranger where you live and your password.It is very dangerous to meet someone you have met online.Only meet someone online if your parents say you can go.Remember even though you have been talking to someone for a long time you should not trust strangers.Some people might lie to you so they can take information about you.If something bad has happened tell a parent 


What does this mean!

What does it mean by border because I don't understand it?

Favourite lessons

My favourite lessons are maths, spellings and science cool

My experience at green hill school

I like the teachers at this school because they are nice and they  take us on extremely exciting school trips. I enjoy playing on the playground and on the banking because there are lots of activities. I like the teachers in our school because they have taught me so much.

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